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Cranial Remolding Helmets

Talee Cranial Orthosis by Invent Medical

Talee® is the leading 3D printed cranial remolding orthosis to treat head shape deformities in infants (plagiocephaly and brachycephaly). It is the most comfortable and advanced 3D printed cranial orthosis on the market, offering effective, yet gentle care. We combined our clinical experince with technical strengths and created a revolutionary patented bio-responsive Talee® technology.

Talee is designed to tackle the drawbacks of standard helmets such as weight, thermal discomfort, skin issues and bulk. Moreover the 2in1 system further improves stability and comfort. Since 2015 we have successfully treated over 20,000 infants. Every day little patients are successfully treated with Talee in over 40 countries around the world.

Cranial Remolding Helmets

For Children Between 4 and 14 Months

Head shape deformity became more frequent after the Back to Sleep Program focused on preventing SIDS. Nowadays, more than 3% of newborn babies have severe or very severe head shape deformity. Up to 50% have mild or medium deformity. 

Cranial remoulding orthosis is lightweight and custom-made. The inner part of the orthosis is round-shaped, allowing the child to sleep and move without any pressure being exerted on the flattened area of the head. The orthosis does not interfere with any children‘s activities and most parents say that their children have adapted quickly. 

Research shows that orthotic treatment using a helmet is the most effective solution of severe head shape deformity. The cranial orthosis offers a simple solution for children with an abnormal head shape. The head becomes more symmetrical and normally shaped when its growth is given the right direction by the effect of the orthosis. 

Treatment Usually Takes 4-6 Months

The duration of treatment varies. It depends on how old the child was when the treatment began and how quickly he/she is growing. Children younger than 12 months complete the treatment within 4–6 months. Older children usually need longer treatment since their skull is growing more slowly, it is stronger and more resistant to change. 

Cranial remoulding orthosis is not indicated in children younger than 4 months. Children younger than 3 months respond well to positioning. After three months, the baby starts turning and changing positions, positioning therefore loses its meaning. In this period, physician reassesses the shape of the baby’s head to determine whether the baby needs treatment with the use of a cranial remoulding orthosis. After the 12th month, the brain and skull are no longer growing as fast as in the first year of life. Treatment with the use of an orthosis may be commenced at 14 months at the latest and finished at 18 months. 

Cranial Remolding Before & After

Wearing Schedule

The orthosis is worn 23 hours a day to prevent any further abnormal skull growth. Any wearing schedule shorter than 23 hours may result in problems with the skull shape in the follow-up application of the orthosis or may not lead to optimum results. The orthosis is worn 23 hours a day even towards the end of the treatment. 

There are several cases when the orthosis is not worn. It’s a fever or flu, when the child is having a bath or when he/she needs daily treatment. The orthosis is also taken off during physiotherapy. Failure to follow the wearing schedule may result in scanning and manufacturing a new orthosis. 

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